Heritage April Vacation Program @ The Hundred Acre School

Please note: April 2023 information will be updated during the month of January 2023. Please check back towards the end of January for details about the program including the opening date of registration.

Heritage Museums & Gardens opens its doors during April school vacation and the summer to offer weekly programs at The Hundred Acre School.

These programs are open to the general public and allow families to sign up for 1 or more full or partial weeks.

Join us in our bright, modern, air-conditioned classrooms for STEM-focused weekly programs that allow children to question like scientists, use technology as a tool, be creative engineers, and think like mathematicians. Heritage Museums & Gardens becomes our second classroom with daily adventures throughout the grounds and to the museums. Our daily schedule is planned to be 50% indoors and 50% outside.

Step 1: Submit an Registration Request and create a Brightwheel account.

Make sure to turn on all notifications in your account as we will only communicate with you about your enrollment through Brightwheel.

Step 2: Pay your April vacation invoice in full

The 100Acre Admin team will reply via Brightwheel with your summer invoice to be paid electronically. Your child is not registered until this this step is completed. We do not offer a payment plan; invoices must be paid in full to be accepted.

Step 3: Accepted, Waitlisted or Declined

The 100Acre Admin team will reply within 1 week after the final item in step 2 is submitted. Please note that applications will be reviewed in the order that step 2 is completed. If we have openings, an confirmation letter will be sent via Brightwheel. If we have a waitlist, you will be notified of your status and contacted when space is available.


Frequently Asked Questions for April and Summer Programs 2022

My child is in grade 2 or 3, can I enroll?

  • For April vacation, we accept students currently in grade 2 as their last experience with us.
  • For Summer, we accept student entering grade 2 in the fall but we do not accept students who just finished grade 2.
  • For Lego Summer program, we accept students up to age 10 regardless of grade.

My child is in preschool but doesn’t turn 4 until October, can I enroll?

  • No, we are only taking children that are age 4 at the time of the program.

My child loves lego but is 4 years old, can I apply?

  • No, it is only for children kindergarten and above. However, if you sign up for the regular summer program week 2, we will be incorporating some Lego building activities into our engineering week.

Do children need to be potty trained to attend the program?

  • Yes, children should be confidently potty trained (diapers are not allowed) but with that being said, we understand that accidents happen so all children are asked to bring extra clothes.

Where is the school located at Heritage? Do I need to walk from the main entrance of Heritage to the school?

  • The school has its own entrance and parking lot so it is very convenient for drop off and pick up. Use Google Maps as we have a pin on the school and its the easiest way to find us.

Is there an extended day?

  • No, we no longer offer extended day options during our April or Summer programs

Do you go on field trips?

  • Our program uses the gardens and galleries of Heritage Museums & Gardens daily so we already feel like we go on a field trip everyday. We don’t go on additional field trips off the grounds of Heritage Museums & Gardens.

My child has an allergy. What is your procedure?

  • We follow these procedures for all students to keep them healthy:
  1. Snack and lunch are provided by the family
  2. Students do not share or trade food.
  3. Students with food allergies sit at a table with children that do not have those food items in their snack or lunch
  4. Tables are cleaned with Meyer’s multi-surface cleaner.
  5. Placemats are washed after each use
  6. Most staff at the program are CPR and First Aid certified
  • We do not limit what children choose to bring for snack or lunch. We do not limit environmental allergens from our classrooms/interactions on the grounds. Children could be exposed to a variety of allergens either in the classroom, on the grounds or in the museums. If your child has a severe allergy (breathing or touching an item), we probably are not a good fit. If your child has an ingestion allergy to a certain medication or food, we probably are a good fit. You are welcome to contact the us to discuss the specifics of your child.
  • We require a medical release with detailed information about an allergy and what steps would need to be followed if something did happen.
  • You would provide us with any medications needed to keep him/her safe (i.e. epi-pen).
  • These medications will be kept in the classroom backpack that is taken with the class anytime they leave the school.
  • The Heritage Security Team is also trained to respond to emergencies and will be able to assist staff with emergencies as needed.

What is your refund policy?

  • $50 non-refundable processing fee is included in each week of the summer/vacation programs.
  • No refund is provided if cancellation occurs less than 14 days before the Monday of program date/start date.
  • For cancellations 15-30 days in advance, 50% of the program fees will be refunded.
  • For cancellations 31 days in advance, a full refund minus the $50 non-refundable processing fee/ week will be refunded.

Refunds should be processed within 14 days of an approved request.