How Automobiles Transformed America

In From Carriage to Classic: How Automobiles Transformed America, we present the origin story of the American automobile through 23 cars from Heritage’s permanent collection. How did the car emerge as a transformative cultural force of the twentieth century? What were early automobiles like? Why did gasoline become the fuel of choice? What ever happened to steam engines? How did the car change the daily lives of ordinary families? How much was a luxury car in the 1930s? Learn the answers to these questions and more. Come along for a ride from the late 1800s to the 1960s and watch the car evolve from a horseless carriage to a streamlined symbol of freedom and independence.

Spotlight: Fords Through the Ages

Through the introduction of his Model T, Henry Ford did more than any other person to get the nation on wheels. One of the few remaining American auto manufacturers, Ford Motor Company continues to influence how the world buys cars. Heritage is fortunate to have several Fords in the collection, and seven of them will be on exhibit this year. Starting with the game-changer car, the 1913 Model T, and ending with our most recent acquisition, the 1965 Country Squire station wagon, visitors will have a chance to follow the evolution of Fords through the decades.

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