Rhododendron Festival 2017

Rhododendrons are Heritage’s signature plant and seeing over 100 varieties of rhodies in bloom is one of the year’s most stunning sights. During our Rhododendron festival, guests and their families will enjoy peaceful walks surrounded by majestic flowers, learn more about Heritage’s storied rhododendron legacy, participate in activities with horticulture experts, and take one of these signature plants home with you from the special plant sale.  Come to Heritage and celebrate these wonderful plants and their spectacular beauty with us.

No advance registration required.





  • Daily Rhododendron Collection Walking Tour
    Saturday, May 27 – Sunday, June 4
    11-11:30 am and 2-2:30 pm

Take a deep dive into the world of rhododendrons. Discover how the work done here by two hybridizers – Charles Dexter and Jack Cowles – contributed to the genus Rhododendron and created the plants we love today. Guides will select the most spectacular spots for viewing these stunning plants. No advance registration required. Free with museum admission.

  • Rhododendron Pruning Demonstration
    Sunday, May 28 – 1-1:45 pm
    Thursday, June 1 – 1-1:45 pm
    Saturday, June 3 – 10-10:45 am

Join the horticulture staff to learn how to selectively prune your plants to improve vigor, increase bloom density, control height and enhance ornamental value. Discuss the tools, techniques, and timing needed for effective pruning, and watch a demonstration of techniques on various plants along a walk through the garden. Free with museum admission.

  • Rhododendron Care Walk and Talk
    Saturday, May 27 – 10-10:45 am
    Tuesday, May 30 – 1-1:45 pm
    Friday, June 2 – 10-10:45 am
    Sunday, June 4 – 10-10:45 am

Heritage’s horticulture staff will share the basics of how to maintain and care for your rhododendrons. Included are demonstrations of ideal growing situations, watering, fertilizing, mulching, pest control, and demonstrations of pruning, bud-pinching, and dead-heading to encourage optimal health and beauty. Free with museum admission.



Heritage Museums & Gardens is grateful for the support of Rhododendron Festival sponsor Nutter, McClennen & Fish Attorneys at Law.