The Premium Heritage Experience


June 17 – September 17

Fee: $25 per person;

$10 per person for Heritage Members

Reserve your Premium Heritage Experience at the ticket window.


Make the most of your visit to Heritage with the Premium Heritage Experience. Personalize your day with VIP treatment and an experience designed just for you. Your day will be filled with fun activities, behind-the-scenes access, inside information, and interactive experiences. Included in the Experience is a 90-minute, concierge-led adventure offered twice a day at 11 am and 1:30 pm. You and your family and guests will love the extra memory-making.

    9 Reasons Why The Premium Heritage Experience Is Awesome!

1. Your Heritage concierge rocks! Your Premium Heritage Experience is led by a personal concierge who is fun and entertaining, offers unique perspectives with deep knowledge of Heritage and, most of all, wants you to have a great time.

2. You’ll be treated like a VIP. Imagine having your own concierge-led small group experience tailored just for you, complete with special identification that sets you apart as a Premium Experience participant.

3. Pssst…you’ll get the inside scoop. The Premium Heritage Experience gets you behind-the-scenes access. You’ll go where the general public doesn’t, and have conversations with our experts in gardens, history, and art.
4. It’s participatory. You know the drill when you go to other museums: look, but don’t touch. At Heritage, the Premium Heritage Experience is designed to give you hands-on experiences and participatory moments.

5. Your entire family and circle of friends will love it! Your Premium Heritage Experience is inclusive of everyone in your visiting group—from grandparents to toddlers—with activities that bridge generations and create lasting memories for everyone.

6. Your experience will be unique. Each Premium Heritage Experience is customized and uniquely yours. Take the Experience as many times as you like; you’re guaranteed each one will be different, and that you’ll see and learn something new each time.

7. You’ll be the envy of your social media followers. Built into each Premium Heritage Experience are numerous opportunities for interactive picture-taking, great nuggets of inside information, and special moments that your social media followers will love to like and share.

8. It’s a great value. Your Premium Experience includes time to explore for as long as you wish. Before and after your concierge-led experience, you have time to see what intrigued you, grab lunch or a drink at the café, linger, and savor all day.

9. It’ll make you smart. If you’re a curious learner (and if you’re reading this, you are!), you’ll find out a lot—and find a lot to learn more about.