Horticulture Research

The North American Hydrangea Test Garden grows plants from plant hybridizers and nurseries for evaluation in the climate of Cape Cod. New introductions are added annually and new evaluations will be added as the plants and their performance are assessed. As the gardens expand, Heritage will be presenting horticulture research to our visitors as well as the horticulture community.

As of June of 2020, there are 244 hydrangeas being evaluated. They break down as follows:

  • Hydrangea arborescens: 8 cultivars (35 plants)
  • Hydrangea macrophylla: 21 cultivars (136 plants)
  • Hydrangea paniculata: 11 cultivars (67 plants)
  • Hydrangea serrata: 1 cultivar (3 plants)

Overview of Heritage Museums & Gardens Dedicated Hydrangea Garden

 Test GardenDisplay Garden
Plants per Species
H. arborescens3525
H. aspera02
H. integrifolia.01
H. macrophylla136149
H. paniculata6716
H. quercifolia016
H. serrata317
Test Garden Display Garden
Hydrangea Species
H. arborescens84
H. aspera02
H. integrifolia.01
H. macrophylla2191
H. paniculata112
H. quercifolia09
H. serrata117