American Elderberry

Our beautiful elderberry in the herb garden. Sambucus canadensis or American Elderberry is a shrub that can grow to 12 feet, flowering in the summer and producing an abundance [...]

Highlighting Wampanoag History

Last week was Thanksgiving, which, for many Americans, conjures images of roasted turkey, mashed potatoes and Pilgrim hats. For members of this continent’s many Indigenous tribes, it is an [...]

Symbolism of Gravestones

Have you ever considered that graveyards are like outdoor museums? A walk through one will take you back in time and face to face with the people of the past. [...]

Top Ten Toys Made in New England

Hi, I’m Amanda, Assistant Curator here at Heritage. I was the primary researcher for the Let’s Play! exhibition, now on view in the Special Exhibition Gallery. What a fun project [...]

May 2021
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