22 04, 2021

Driven: Hidden away in Cape Cod’s Heritage Museums and Gardens


Hidden away in Cape Cod’s Heritage Museums and Gardens, a collection of cars traces the history of American automotive innovation, design, and aesthetics. We got a tour when Tom Gregory visited the museum as the host of Driven. You can view the collection along with Tom in the video. [...]

Driven: Hidden away in Cape Cod’s Heritage Museums and Gardens2021-04-22T16:16:29-04:00
22 04, 2021

Driven: Heritage Museums & Gardens Annual Auto Show in Cape Cod


Every year the Heritage Museums & Gardens holds an auto show, where they bring out their collection of American Cars into the light for the public to admire & reminisce with vehicles like Gary Cooper's 1930 Model J Duesenberg, and their newest addition, the 1965 Ford Country Squire station wagon. [...]

Driven: Heritage Museums & Gardens Annual Auto Show in Cape Cod2021-04-22T16:33:29-04:00
11 09, 2020

Cape Cod Times: Car Show & Extended Season


Annual Auto Show Highlights The Classic Corvair September 11, 2020 Face masks, six-foot distancing, Zoom and elbow bumps: In some ways, Cape Cod’s summer season at cultural destinations has been topsy-turvy, with many events re-thought or restructured due to the unpredictability of the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite changes, programs and [...]

Cape Cod Times: Car Show & Extended Season2021-04-22T15:57:18-04:00
11 09, 2020

Driven By Cars


Learn a bit from Jon Elmendorf on our auto committee about Heritage's auto collection.

Driven By Cars2021-04-02T14:42:32-04:00
24 08, 2020

The Poor Man’s Porsche


On Saturday, September 12th, Heritage will host a Celebration of American Automobiles. This event will highlight some of the amazing, American-made automobiles from our collection, and also pay special tribute to the 60th anniversary of the Chevrolet Corvair, one of the most forward-looking vehicles of the early 1960s. [...]

The Poor Man’s Porsche2021-04-02T14:42:33-04:00
7 07, 2020

Honoring Our Car Collector


“Collecting, like most passions, has the capacity to let you live in another world for awhile.” – Kim A. Herzinger, Ph.D.: Collector, Pushcart Prize-winning critic and writer, and faculty member at the University of Houston-Victoria July 10, 2020 is Collector Car Appreciation Day! This annual event, now in its [...]

Honoring Our Car Collector2021-03-10T18:16:14-05:00
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