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22 05, 2021

Hybridizing Rhododendrons


100 Years of Rhododendrons After Dexter died in 1943, many of his hybrid rhododendrons were scattered away from Sandwich to different places. While Dexter himself had given away thousands of seedlings during his lifetime, after he died some people who were aware of his fine plants came [...]

Hybridizing Rhododendrons2021-05-27T14:21:12-04:00
16 05, 2021

Dexter Centennial


100 Years of Rhododendrons This year, 2021, marks the centennial of the year that Charles Owen Dexter acquired Shawme Farm. It is because Dexter bought himself a country retreat a hundred years ago that today you have a wonderful place to find a smorgasbord of adventures and [...]

Dexter Centennial2021-05-16T09:09:07-04:00
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