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Hydrangea Care

The signature plant of Cape Cod is prized for its beautiful blooms.  Hydrangeas are not native to the area but perform excellently in the well-drained soil and the (slightly) milder winters.


Rhododendron Care

Grown on the Heritage grounds for 100 years, these harbingers of warmer days can range from one foot to 25 feet tall and bloom bright pinks to soft yellows.  Rhododendrons love the well-drained Cape Cod soil and bring some much-needed greenery to the winter landscape.

Rhodies in woods
706, 2021

Tree Peonies

The biggest bloom of June Tree peonies are the aristocrats of the garden.  I’ve always felt that they’re the pinnacle of gardening and the plant that many gardeners try to grow, and many ultimately fail.  For those that don’t know tree peonies, they’re worthy of attention.  For those that know of them, well, you know what I’m talking [...]

2205, 2021

Hybridizing Rhododendrons

100 Years of Rhododendrons After Dexter died in 1943, many of his hybrid rhododendrons were scattered away from Sandwich to different places. While Dexter himself had given away thousands of seedlings during his lifetime, after he died some people who were aware of his fine plants came to buy or to dig up rhododendrons from his estate.  The [...]

1605, 2021

Dexter Centennial

100 Years of Rhododendrons This year, 2021, marks the centennial of the year that Charles Owen Dexter acquired Shawme Farm. It is because Dexter bought himself a country retreat a hundred years ago that today you have a wonderful place to find a smorgasbord of adventures and learning in Sandwich. Have you noticed that sometimes little actions in [...]

2203, 2021

The Sandwich Enterprise: Deciduous Conifers – Not So ‘Ever’ Greens

Down To Earth by Les Lutz Trees that bear needles are usually evergreen, and most species are. But there are five genera that are needled conifers that are deciduous and drop their foliage each fall. Of these, four will thrive on the Cape and three are found at Heritage Museums & Gardens. The four species that enjoy our climate [...]

1003, 2021

Witch Hazel For The Winter Garden

Down To Earth by Les Lutz The days are getting longer and there are already signs of life in the garden. One bright spot in the garden here at Heritage Museums & Gardens is one of my favorite plants for this season, Hamamelis, or witch hazel. The species is just starting to flower now. There are several species that [...]

402, 2021

American Elderberry

Our beautiful elderberry in the herb garden. Sambucus canadensis or American Elderberry is a shrub that can grow to 12 feet, flowering in the summer and producing an abundance of fruits in early fall. The shrub prefers sun to partial share, and moist soil; but are generally easy to maintain and will tolerate a wide variety of conditions. The flowers [...]

1809, 2020

The Trouble with Tomatoes

Down To Earth by Les Lutz What a learning experience this summer has been. Along with many of my friends, I decided to grow vegetables this summer. The most rewarding, and the most challenging, have been the tomatoes. I’ve grown them before, but not in a very long time. I like to think that I’m a pretty good gardener, [...]

409, 2020

Vegetable Plants In Ornamental Gardens

Composition of the Garden: Line, Form, Texture, Color & Mass September 4, 2020 For some reason, vegetable plants have been relegated to the back of the garden. Many of us consider them to be the less attractive, and therefore they’re stuck in a separate area of the yard. But many of these plants are really quite interesting and deserve [...]

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