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10 03, 2021

Witch Hazel For The Winter Garden


Down To Earth by Les Lutz The days are getting longer and there are already signs of life in the garden. One bright spot in the garden here at Heritage Museums & Gardens is one of my favorite plants for this season, Hamamelis, or witch hazel. The species [...]

Witch Hazel For The Winter Garden2021-04-02T15:55:35-04:00
4 02, 2021

American Elderberry


Our beautiful elderberry in the herb garden. Sambucus canadensis or American Elderberry is a shrub that can grow to 12 feet, flowering in the summer and producing an abundance of fruits in early fall. The shrub prefers sun to partial share, and moist soil; but are generally easy to [...]

American Elderberry2021-04-30T20:17:53-04:00
18 09, 2020

The Trouble with Tomatoes


Down To Earth by Les Lutz What a learning experience this summer has been. Along with many of my friends, I decided to grow vegetables this summer. The most rewarding, and the most challenging, have been the tomatoes. I’ve grown them before, but not in a very long [...]

The Trouble with Tomatoes2021-04-08T21:31:50-04:00
4 09, 2020

Vegetable Plants In Ornamental Gardens


Composition of the Garden: Line, Form, Texture, Color & Mass September 4, 2020 For some reason, vegetable plants have been relegated to the back of the garden. Many of us consider them to be the less attractive, and therefore they’re stuck in a separate area of the yard. [...]

Vegetable Plants In Ornamental Gardens2021-04-08T21:36:49-04:00
14 08, 2020

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle


Heritage Is Developing Strategic Plans to Improve and Increase Their Sustainability Efforts August 14, 2020 Climate action can be categorized by three terms: Reduce, reuse and recycle. Heritage Museums & Gardens does these three things to become sustainable and stem the impact on the climate. You can do the [...]

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle2021-04-07T08:45:20-04:00
14 08, 2020

Time For Herbaceous Perennials to Shine


Down to Earth by Les Lutz August 14, 2020 Mid-August is when ornamental grasses and many herbaceous perennials begin to shine. Beginning in late July and continuing through the fall and into winter, many of these plants are in their peak bloom. But there are many other plants [...]

Time For Herbaceous Perennials to Shine2021-04-07T08:45:31-04:00
10 08, 2020

Falmouth Community TV: Summer 2020 at Heritage


Heritage Museums and Gardens in Sandwich is getting ready for their big Pollinator festival, and FCTV checked in with President and CEO Anne Scott Putney to learn more.

Falmouth Community TV: Summer 2020 at Heritage2021-03-06T18:06:04-05:00
31 07, 2020

The Sandwich Enterprise: Daylilies


Oh, So Many Choices July 31, 2020 We’re now firmly in the season of full-flowering for many herbaceous perennials that will continue through late September. Plants such as Kniphofia and hardy hibiscus are just starting to flower, as are many ornamental grasses. One group of plants that never fails to [...]

The Sandwich Enterprise: Daylilies2021-03-07T03:09:32-05:00
30 07, 2020

Boston Globe: Come to Tour Senses


The Healing Power of Some New England Grand Estate Gardens  July 30, 2020 Nature clearly didn’t get the memo about restrained living during a pandemic. In places where the natural world gets an ample helping hand from professional gardeners and groundskeepers, this summer’s blooms range from the merely exuberant to [...]

Boston Globe: Come to Tour Senses2021-03-07T03:09:51-05:00
25 07, 2020

South Coast Today: A Phenomenal Year for Hydrangeas


Here's What the Experts Have to Say July 25, 2020 DUXBURY -- Summer had barely begun when Chris Kennedy, landscape designer and president of Kennedy's Country Gardensin Scituate, noticed something missing this year -- all the people asking "Why doesn't my hydrangea bloom?" "In 25 years, I've had the least [...]

South Coast Today: A Phenomenal Year for Hydrangeas2021-03-06T18:09:34-05:00
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