13 06, 2020

Chronicle: Stop & Smell The Rhododendron


Daytripping to Sandwich Jul 14, 2020 Take a breath, float on, stop and smell the rhododendron. If your deprived senses are craving some Cape Cod stimulation, sample Sandwich. More From Our Media Room

Chronicle: Stop & Smell The Rhododendron2021-03-06T20:41:40-05:00
4 05, 2020

Rhododendron Propagation


Heritage Museums & Gardens' Director of Horticulture, Les Lutz, explains how to propagate Rhododendrons at home.

Rhododendron Propagation2021-02-04T01:39:05-05:00
29 04, 2020

The man behind the Rhododendrons


 Rhododendrons are ubiquitous at Heritage Museums & Gardens. They have a long history on the property dating back to 1921 when Charles Owen Dexter bought the property as a weekend home. That purchase, and the work Dexter did over the subsequent years, changed the world of rhododendrons in the [...]

The man behind the Rhododendrons2021-04-06T19:11:28-04:00
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