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1910 Peerless

This Car Runs!In the early days of motoring, Peerless, Packard, and Pierce-Arrow were known as “the three Ps.” This great trio of American car manufacturers competed to produce the most highly regarded luxury vehicles of their day. Early ads of the time claimed the Peerless defeated other American and foreign cars in “speed, hill-climbing, and endurance.”

Like a number of successful automakers, Peerless had manufacturing origins far removed from transportation vehicles. Peerless began by making clothes wringers, moved from there to bicycles, and then to small cars before entering the luxury car market.

This car is an excellent example of what is called a “Brass and Gas” auto. These cars are so named because they feature brass radiators, headlights, and trim, were fueled by gasoline, and used acetylene gas for their headlamps.

Once prestigious and powerful, Peerless was a victim of the Depression. After Prohibition ended in 1933, the company switched to a potentially more lucrative product: the brewing of beer and ale.

  • MANUFACTURER: Peerless Motor Company, Cleveland, Ohio (1900-1931)
  • PRICE NEW: $4,300
  • PRICE TO BUY 2020: $116,420
  • ENGINE: 4-cylinder T-head configuration cast in pairs, 410 cu. in./6.7 l.
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