Bugs, Birds, and Bricks

Bugs, Birds, and Bricks2021-06-08T08:30:28-04:00

Our Brick Sculptures Are Back!

In 2021, custom Lego sculptures created by brick artist Cody Wells, a.k.a. C3Brix, will be returning to populate the grounds and gardens at Heritage. Ranging in size from the hand-held to the head-high, these sculptures depict a mix of common and no-so-common insects and birds native to Cape Cod and often found here at Heritage. Visitors will see returning favorites such as a Ruby Meadowhawk Dragonfly, resting on a lily pad near the Flume Fountain, a Bumble Bee among the pollinator plantings in the McInnes Garden, or a grouping of song birds in the pine woods along Heritage’s main trails. New for 2021, Cody has built an additional 3-D Lego sculpture, a family of Osprey in their nest. Placed throughout the gardens and grounds, these sculptures explore the interconnected relationships between our local plants and animals.

About Cody Wells

Cody is an award-winning custom brick artist, winning the 2013 BRICKIE at Brickfair for his Star Trek Enterprise. His custom 3-D creations have been shown by the NY & NJ Port Authority, the New York Hall of Science, the Concord Museum, and many private collections in the United States.

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Bricks Map
Bricks Map

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