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1910 Knox Model R Touring

This Car Runs!From 1900 to 1915, the Knox Automobile Company of Springfield, Massachusetts built sturdy, reliable vehicles, all excellent examples of what are referred to today as “brass and gas” autos. These cars are so named because they were outfitted with brass radiators, headlights and trim, were fueled by gasoline and used acetylene gas for their headlamps. Brass required a lot of upkeep and was replaced by nickel around 1916 and later by chrome in the late 1920s.

This is the car in Heritage’s collection that has undergone the most restoration. When Frank Gardner started the car for the first time after completely restoring it, he did not realize that the auxiliary gas tank had leaked, and when the car backfired it became engulfed in flames. After a narrow escape, Mr. Gardner went on to restore the car again.

  • MANUFACTURER: Knox Automobile Company, Springfield, Massachusetts (1900-1914)
  • PRICE NEW: $3,250

  • PRICE TO BUY 2019: $85,526
  • ENGINE: Four-cylinder overhead valve configuration, 5” x 4 ¾” bore and stroke, 40 horsepower

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