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1913 Ford Model T Touring

After Henry Ford developed earlier Models R and S, he decided to design a new car. In a secluded room in the Ford factory, Ford and his engineers designed the Model T. He made sure the new car was easy to drive, simple to maintain, rugged enough to traverse rough roads, and inexpensive for most families to afford.

Once the public got a taste of the Model T, they used them for just about everything – for work and for pleasure. Farmers converted their Model Ts into tractors or used them to power other machinery. Doctors chose a dependable Model T for house calls. Some modified their Model Ts into campers to enjoy the great outdoors.

The Model T originally came in several colors including red, green, blue, and gray. By 1914, demand was so high that Ford decided to offer it only in one color since the black soy-based paint dried the fastest. This improved efficiency and got cars on the way to customers fast.

  • MANUFACTURER: Ford Motor Company, Detroit, Michigan (1903-present)
  • PRICE NEW: $600
  • PRICE TO BUY 2019: $15,275
  • ENGINE: 4-cylinder flathead configuration, 177 cu. in./2.90 l.

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