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Off The Beaten Path ... Miles of Nature Trails

Unbeknownst to many visitors, the full-extent of our 65 acres of developed garden is open to the public. This includes several miles of nature trails that snake through the grounds. While you make your way through the gardens and galleries, keep an eye out for the meandering trails that diverge from the main loop. Let yourself get lost among the asters and goldenrod reaching cheerfully for sunlight. These edges are rich with wildlife and you are likely to hear the melodies of songbirds, as well as the distinctive call of the red squirrel.

Take the path less traveled and be rewarded by the dappled shade of the mixed Oak/Pine canopy and the fluffy pine needle duff underfoot. Wander amongst the towering rhododendrons that transform into surrounds of color in late May. Our nature trails not only allow for a more intimate connection with the native flora and fauna of Cape Cod but they are often quiet and contemplative.

The Hydrangea Garden is a great access point to several trails. Loop back behind the Arbor Bowl and you will find yourself at the disorienting Concrete Distinction sculpture exhibit by Marybeth Mungovan tucked into a shady grove. Sweeps of vivid green ferns and grasses lend a mystical aura to the man-made art within the landscape.

Alternatively, follow the Lake Walk trail that diverges from the Labyrinth, past the Holly Dell through tall rhododendrons to arrive at a magnificent vista of Shawme Lake. Relax on a shaded bench and you may even catch a glimpse of a pair of white swans. This trail follows the lake and ends near the Tree House at Hidden Hollow.

We hope you will come back to Heritage time and time again to appreciate not only the gardens and galleries, but also these natural areas in each and every season.


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