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22 03, 2021

The Sandwich Enterprise: Deciduous Conifers – Not So ‘Ever’ Greens


Down To Earth by Les Lutz Trees that bear needles are usually evergreen, and most species are. But there are five genera that are needled conifers that are deciduous and drop their foliage each fall. Of these, four will thrive on the Cape and three are found at [...]

The Sandwich Enterprise: Deciduous Conifers – Not So ‘Ever’ Greens2021-04-02T15:50:27-04:00
10 03, 2021

Witch Hazel For The Winter Garden


Down To Earth by Les Lutz The days are getting longer and there are already signs of life in the garden. One bright spot in the garden here at Heritage Museums & Gardens is one of my favorite plants for this season, Hamamelis, or witch hazel. The species [...]

Witch Hazel For The Winter Garden2021-04-02T15:55:35-04:00
2 03, 2021

Heritage Museums & Gardens Facts


Heritage Museums & Gardens Overview Heritage was founded in 1969 by J.K. Lilly, III. Our mission is to celebrate American culture and inspire people of all ages to explore, discover and learn together. We do this through excellence in horticulture, garden design, outdoor discovery and the exhibition of great [...]

Heritage Museums & Gardens Facts2021-04-02T14:42:29-04:00
2 03, 2021

Nature Trail Facts


Heritage Nature Trails Over two-miles of trails are available to visitors which snake through the grounds. While you make your way through the gardens and galleries, keep an eye out for the meandering trails that diverge from the main loop. Let yourself get lost among the asters and goldenrod [...]

Nature Trail Facts2021-04-02T14:42:29-04:00
2 03, 2021

The Heritage Collection Facts


The Heritage Collection When he founded Heritage Museums & Gardens, J.K. Lilly, III hoped that his collection would demonstrate “the excellence and ingenuity of American craftsmen.” The Heritage Collection presents that ingenuity and excellence by displaying highlights from the museum’s 12,000+ collection of American art and artifacts. Arranged into four [...]

The Heritage Collection Facts2021-04-02T14:42:29-04:00
16 02, 2021

Looff Carousel Facts


The Looff Carousel Heritage Museums & Gardens owns an original 1908 Looff carousel made in East Providence, RI. Charles I. D. Looff was a master carver and builder of hand-carved carousels and amusement rides in America. Born in Denmark in 1852 and immigrating to America in 1870, Looff built the [...]

Looff Carousel Facts2021-04-02T14:42:29-04:00
10 02, 2021

Hidden Hollow Facts


Hidden Hollow™— The Facts Nestled in a two-acre dry kettle hole—a glacially formed depression common to Cape Cod—Hidden Hollow’s unique topography provides a stimulating and beautiful outdoor setting for discovery and learning. Children can climb stepping stumps, navigate log balance beams, construct forts, create nature-inspired art, build with blocks, dig [...]

Hidden Hollow Facts2021-04-02T14:42:30-04:00
10 02, 2021

The Hundred Acre School Is Expanding


The Hundred Acre School Is Expanding and Renovating to Provide More Options for Families February 10, 2021  The Hundred Acre School, the Pre-K through Grade 1 STEM school at Heritage Museums & Gardens, will be expanding to add two new classrooms by renovating existing space in the same building as [...]

The Hundred Acre School Is Expanding2021-04-02T14:42:30-04:00
4 02, 2021

American Elderberry


Our beautiful elderberry in the herb garden. Sambucus canadensis or American Elderberry is a shrub that can grow to 12 feet, flowering in the summer and producing an abundance of fruits in early fall. The shrub prefers sun to partial share, and moist soil; but are generally easy to maintain and [...]

American Elderberry2021-04-02T14:42:30-04:00
1 12, 2020

Cape Cod Times: Gardens Aglow Photo Essay


A Treasured Holiday Tradition In this year of exceptions and firsts delivered by an unwelcome and continuing pandemic, two longtime local venues are going all out to make sure that holiday visitors will be able to revisit and renew familiar holiday traditions in ways that are both safe [...]

Cape Cod Times: Gardens Aglow Photo Essay2021-04-02T14:42:30-04:00
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